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    Spelling Bee Game

    Game rules: Create the maximum number of words using 7 letters from the hive. Words must contain at least 4 letters and include the center letter. Four-letter words are worth 1 point each. Longer words earn 1 point per letter. How many words can you make with 7 letters?

    How to play the Spelling Bee game?

    1. Find the first word

      To start the game you need to find the first word using 7 letters from the hive. According to the rules of the game, each found word must contain at least 4 letters and must have a central letter. Find the first word
    2. Create a word list

      Each found word counts towards your total score. 4-letter words add 1 point. Longer words earn 1 point per letter. The goal of the game is to collect as many points as possible. Create a word list
    3. Find out your score

      Try to earn the maximum score and compare your score with your friends daily. Spelling Bee game is great to train your brain and have fun. Find out your score

    What Is A Spelling Bee?

    A spelling Bee is a contest / game became popular in 2018 after the New York Times released the digital version of this game. According to the classical rules, the game has a grid of 7 letters arranged in the form of honeycombs. Players must form four or more letter words using given letters and must always include the center letter. Each puzzle is guaranteed to have at least one pangram that, when found, gives the player the most points. To win the game you need to collect the maximum number of points for a given set of letters. This game is great for developing memory and is widely practiced in schools and colleges.

    Spelling Bee
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